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Clown Noses

PICK IT & STICK IT!  (Your nose, that is!)

Clown Noses for Sale

Picking your clown nose can be tricky! Let us help you find the perfect professional looking clown noses available. Take a look at our Jim Howle professional clown noses to glue on or use with elastic strings. Leon McBryde's ProKnows and adhesives are loved by circus clown and hometown clowns alike. We also have Acme noses on strings for a classic look, great for kids or folks with glue allergies.

Sponge Ball noses make great giveaways!

Pricilla Mooseburger Originals carries these professional clown nose brands:


  • ACME made by Renengade Juggling
  • Jim Howle
  • ProKnows made by Leon McBryde

DJ Weiss demonstrates how to "PICK YOUR NOSE" in this instructional video:

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